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 Ok, I want to discuss something's called tolerance.  I am very aware of those that feel the need to bend others to see their point of veiw...I can handle that, everyone wants validation.  However,  at the end of the day what we have as a universal law is something called 'Free Will'.  We all have the right to decide what is best for ourselves and have the right to follow our own path and should be able to do so without judgement, criticism, or condemnation.  

   Doesn't it make sense to ask questions?  Doesn't it make sense to learn from a point of veiw that is different than your own?  Why are people so ready to jump on anyone that doesn't agree with what they believe?  I guess someone could easily say that those who express themselves are "stupid" or "ignorant", but that reaction in itself is still intolerant.  How about this reaction..."I am fortunate to see things from your perspective and I learn from that and respect it,  however I still hold what I believe as truth close to my heart and make the choice to live it, thank you".  Doesn't that sound better?  It's just a little more effort, to save everyone time later trying to up one another or apologise.  What do you think?
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