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the awakening
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To enlighten and explore topics of a phenomenal nature.
Hello Everyone;

Throughout my life I have been made aware that our world has many guarded secrets. What we have been lead to believe is reality is actually somewhat of a imprisoned state of mind. I have started this site to encourage communication and knowledge about topics that are usually left in the dark. It is a time to be open minded and reach for personal truth. If you have ever felt that something was missing or that the picture of life you hold isn't quite complete, than this might be a great place for you to start looking. And for those who have spent a lot of time studying this type of information, than this is a great time to spread the word and come together to discuss what you have learned. I want to encourage debate, but I cannot tolerate abuse of any kind. Everyone has a right to their opinions, however please pay attention to everyones right to free will and expression.